SEO for YouTube: 6 Tips to Improve Your Rankings

YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine and has a huge search volume. In 2017, YouTube had an estimated 74% of all online traffic. However, even with the popularity of YouTube videos on its own platform, SEO for YouTube is still a challenge for most people. 

As social media channels continue to grow in popularity, a Video SEO service provider can help you optimize your videos for search engines like Google. Those who are just starting their YouTube channels need a Video SEO service consultant. This article gives some tips for that. When it comes to getting your videos to rank better on YouTube, there are some key elements that you need to pay attention to.

1. Use The Right Keywords

Some keywords we may want to use on YouTube don't appear in Google's search algorithms. According to Youtube, you can use Ubersuggest to find the right keywords for their videos. Ubersuggest is a tool that helps you choose the right keywords for your video. You can also use it to find more keywords related to your video topic that suits your targeted audience.

2. Make Your Video Titles Stand Out

The other way is to optimize your titles for videos in order to increase your SEO ranking. The video title is a crucial element while optimizing YouTube. The more people click on the video, the higher it's ranking on YouTube will be. People usually search for keywords in YouTube's search bar related to the video topic, which helps you find your video as well. You can also get help from a Video SEO service consultant to get more views and traffic on YouTube.

3. Customize your thumbnails

The thumbnail is the first thing that you see. Your thumbnail must catch people's attention as much as possible. The video's content matters and the thumbnail should not be complicated but effective. Video SEO service provider company can help you with creating thumbnails for your YouTube videos that will boost the rankings of your content.

4. Improve your Video Description

Many people don't realize that video description is an important ranking factor for YouTube. Videos with great content didn't rank as well as they might because they lacked proper descriptions. Your YouTube video description should be optimized, which includes having a clear and concise title and at least 30 words of descriptive text.

5. Use Hashtags

Youtube is a vast platform consisting of millions of videos on different topics. Adding hashtags will help you create more traffic to your videos by increasing their searchability. You can use hashtags when you want people who are actively searching for a particular topic or keyword; Hashtags make it easy for people searching on Google to find your videos.

6. End screens and YouTube cards

YouTube cards allow you to provide your viewers with an option of what they want to see after watching your video. They also give the viewers links to channels, websites, or videos similar to yours.

End screens offer you the chance to add custom content and links related to the video your audience watched on YouTube.

How Inventive Digital Bharat Solutions will help you?

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