The Do’s and Don’ts of The Freelancing World

The world of freelancing might be intriguing and might look like it is a job that will award you with a lot of money and lot of free time. Well, it is not completely true. In order to reach this position of obtaining lots of money while having time to spare, you need to be consistent and extremely patient in this field.

There are many advantages of freelancing. You can work at your own time and you have the option to earn according to the projects you will get. Ironically, this is the tricky part too. You have to do everything by yourself, starting from making your own brand image to attracting various clients; the journey is pretty long and does have a lot of speed bumps.

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For receiving revenue out of your videos, you need to create distinctive, idiosyncratic, and powerful content. There are broadly two ways- your number of views as well as their commitment to becoming a member of your channel or the sale of your merchandise and of course the age-old monetization properties of YouTube itself.

Thus, it becomes very important to have a basic knowledge of the “know-how” of the freelancing world. Once you will get the hook of it, the work will be lot smoother. But there is something that you need to keep in mind when you will step into this business – clients. You need to understand the entire psychology of your client. You need not worry because this article will offer you with all the dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind before accepting any offer.

1. DO Get a Contract

This is the most important thing to remember. You must have heard a lot of cases about freelancers who were not given the money that was decided when the job was offered to that person. So, it is always advisable to get yourself an eligible contract which should be signed by both you and your client so that your client cannot deny the money that was offered to you at the beginning. Insist on a contract even if the client does not want to sign one.

2. DON’T Work Outside your Marketplace

If you have a particular place where you work, like any website, then do not agree if the client wants to send the money through some other channel. Stick to the place where you work and make sure that the client does not alter the payment procedure at the end.

3. DO a Thorough Background Check of your Client

When you will get a great offer by a new client, always make sure to research about the client, their history, background, experiences etc. Go through their profiles and analyse their work. This will help you gain the confidence that the client you have chosen can be completely trusted.

4. DON’T be Afraid to Fire a Client

It is completely okay if you do not feel comfortable with a client. If you feel that the work that they are offering is causing your additional stress and anxiety or their behaviour is bothering you, do not feel hesitant to part ways with that client. Always be confident and trust your instincts.

5. DO Get an Advance

If you are someone who is new to this field, always send your client a portfolio of your previous work. Doing so will generate a trust factor between both of you and before starting the work given to you, you can ask for an advance so that you can have an assurance of the work commitment from your client. After you send your client the work, he/she can pay you the rest of the amount.

6. DON’T Work for Free

Never ever do anything for free, especially something that you excel at. If the project is intriguing and the client is paying you nothing to very less, do not fall for less.

7. DO have a Fixed Rate

Talk about your rate while discussing about the project for the first time and type it down in your contract that is mentioned above so that your client cannot alter the cost at the end.

8. DON’T Work Extra for the Fixed Money Rate

If your client suddenly decides that they need a little extra content but cannot pay you extra, do not agree and accept that. Ask for extra money if your client wants some extra work to get done.

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