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Promotion may sound easy but doing it in the right way will take your product far. There are three major things that constitute a good post – an appropriate headline, image and the time you are uploading it. Maintaining originality and at the same time being creative is a challenge that you need to solve and most importantly, you should not make your content feel like it is an advertisement. An image and a caption allow the audience to have the freedom to perceive the message from their own perspective.

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Make your Brand the Voice of Truth

The professional term for that is topical authority. When you become the trustworthy source of letting out information on a particular topic it is known as topical authority.

The rule is pretty simple. Truth prevails. You need to make the right use of media by posting true and to the point content. This will also help in improving your search engine result position. The traffic on your website will increase automatically if you have a well authoritative website.

Use your Content to Reach out to your Potential Customers

If you have a good number of contents in your website that have done really good and has been liked and approved by your existing customers, then any new potential customer who comes across your website will definitely want to try your product out instead of following a website that does not have good content.

Content is king. A good original and relevant content that has been liked and shared a lot of times is something that makes your page authoritative.

Instead of using the same type of content over and over again, give different flavouring to the same dish

This indicates that you need to expose different type of content to different target audience but from your page itself. When you will post something on the social media, always track the insights how much your post has created an impact and how your audience have reacted to it. Accordingly, segregate your audience and make separate content for them. This will help you create quality content rather than focusing on the quantity.

Improve your Search Engine Visibility by Link Building or Backlink Generation

Understand it this way. Suppose one of your posts did really well and got more than thousand shares and one of your follower posts something that has the similar topic of the content that you had posted and have provided a hyperlink to your post. What search engine will do is that they will optimise their search results by focusing on those posts that have linked back your content and will position you accordingly.

The better your post does and the greater number of shares and posts of your content, the higher the position you will be getting in search engine! So, try to create strong and promising content and always focus on the quality of the content first. If it is good, it will do all the work on its own.

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